Thursday, March 18, 2010

oh hi those of you who actually read this....
i am up far too late, and i am making irrational life choices... dumpin this blog for a tumbler, woot. yup! hopin on that band wagon, i just don't have great things to say. but then again not many of us do, but today's blog complex makes us think otherwise. (whole nother rant for another day)
my roommate just arrived home, she is EXTREMELY loud.
I am about to dig through my hair dye collection and find something bizaar to do. Far too late for me to be conducting hair experiments, but it is going to happen
I might end up in India this summer! It looks more and more probable! prayer prayer prayer, please!!!!!!!!!!!!
design competition didn't go so hawt. but that is in the past, i'm moving forward.
bike weather has been going on this week, my bike is screaming to be removed from its stationary cage.
NASHVILLE sb2k10, amazing people, amazing adventures.
i need a life, and a better schedule. 


  1. oh hai come tumbl with me.
    ps i was not pleased by hearing her fiasco on 5 am. i almost went to punch her in da face

  2. gimme the link gimme the link

  3. tummmbllrr. do it, I'll follow you gurl.